Clockwork Knight

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Clockwork knight soldier.png
Clockwork Knight are one of many types of Monsters encountered in the depths of the Necropolis.

Overview[edit source]

Clockwork Knight are weak to Acid.png and are resistant to Arcane.png.
Resembling a bulkier, scaled-up Hollowman, the Clockwork Knights are massive, lumbering constructs with rigid movements. In melee, a Clockwork Knight's attacks are well-telegraphed and slow, but deal a large amount of damage. They are a member of the Clockwork Knight Faction.

Clockwork Knights are hostile towards Gemeaters.

Drops: Equipment[edit source]

Pyramid Greatsword, Death's Eye Greatsword, Emerald Knight's Greatsword

Drops: Components[edit source]

Metal, Arcane Dust, Clockwork Gears, Clockwork Eye

Drops: Consumables[edit source]



Clockwork Knight Variations[edit source]

There are 4 variations of Clockwork Knight.

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