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Crypt Tick are one of many types of Monsters encountered in the depths of the Necropolis.

Overview[edit source]

Crypt Tick are weak to Bash.png and are resistant to Pierce.png and Fire.png.
Crypt Ticks resemble Drop Spiders in the way of multiple limbs, but appear to be composed of several different bones and most prominently, skulls. They are a member of the Bone Effigy Faction.

Crypt Ticks are hostile towards Hoardmen.

Drops: Equipment[edit source]


Drops: Components[edit source]

Bone Matter, Ancient Bones

Drops: Consumables[edit source]



  • Crypt Ticks may be an infantile version of a Bone Effigy, given the resemblance between the two and shared faction name.
  • Crypt Ticks count towards the Task of slaying Skeletons.
  • "Crypt Tick" is pronounced like "Cryptic", and its name is based on its body made of bones and its relative similarity to a tick, or a spider.

Crypt Tick Variations[edit source]

There are no other variations of Crypt Tick.

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