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Infected blackguard knight detail.png
Infected are one of many types of Monsters encountered in the depths of the Necropolis.

Overview[edit source]

Infected are weak to Fire.png and are resistant to Acid.png.
The Infected are those who succumb to the Molder lurking in the fungal Swamps of Serranian. Reanimated bodies, teeming with putrid fungus only seek to spread their spores onto new living targets. These creatures are hostile towards Hoardmen.

The Infected belong to the Infected Faction.

Drops: Equipment[edit source]


Drops: Components[edit source]

Fungus, Spore, Essential Oil, Bone Matter

Drops: Consumables[edit source]

Rotten Food, Standard Ration, Iron Ration, Arcane Food


Disturbingly, stalks of bright magenta fungus can be seen erupting out of all orifices of an Infected's body.

Infected Variations[edit source]

There are 4 variations of Infected.

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