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A Nagual Normal
Nagual are one of many types of Monsters encountered in the depths of the Necropolis.

Overview[edit source]

Nagual are weak to Ice.png and are resistant to Arcane.png and Fire.png.

The Nagual take the form of a floating flame, surrounded by five "shields" adorned with faces. The face upon the shield as well as the color of the inner flame varies from type to type and helps serve as a quick identifier of its variant. Upon death, a Nagual will always drop a shield corresponding to its particular variant. They are hostile towards Infected, Molder, Grine, and Hoardmen.

Nagual are a member of the Nagual Faction.

Drops: Equipment[edit source]

Tephet Shield, Nagual Sniper Buckler, Nagual Spinner Buckler, Nagual Hunter Buckler, Nagual Wailer Buckler

Drops: Components[edit source]

Metal, Arcane Dust

Drops: Consumables[edit source]



  • The Nagual of Tephet are so effective as a theft deterrent that the slang for death in Baphis is "Nagual."

Nagual Variations[edit source]

There are 5 variations of Nagual.

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