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Shadowborn are one of many types of Monsters encountered in the depths of the Necropolis.

Overview[edit source]

Shadowborn are weak to Ice.png and are resistant to Acid.png and Arcane.png.
Shadowborn are allied with all types of Hoardmen. They appear to have a hatred of rats and will attack them on sight, implying that Rat King are their prey.

Drops: Equipment[edit source]

Shadownborn Flameburster, Shadowborn Scimitar, Shadowborn Bolt Staff, Shadowborn Scatterbomb Staff, The Skull Smasher, Shadowborn Longsword

Drops: Components[edit source]

Torn Flesh, Bone Matter, Arcane Dust, Shadowborn Skin

Drops: Consumables[edit source]



  • According to the Brazen Head, the Shadowborn make themselves useful in the Necropolis by tending to the engines of the shifting labyrinth. Having four arms, they are suited to and capable of using a vast amount of tools simultaneously.

Shadowborn Variations[edit source]

There are 4 variations of Shadowborn.

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