Skeleton Gemeater

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Skeleton Gemeater[edit | edit source]

Skeleton Gemeater
Skeleton gemeater.png
Weaknesses Bash.png Bash Weakness
Resistances Pierce Resist.png Pierce Resist

Fire Resist.png Fire Resist

Abilities None

The Skeleton Gemeater is the largest and most powerful of the Skeletons. While cosmetically drastically different than living counterparts, Skeleton Gemeaters nonetheless behave identically to them.

The Skeleton Gemwater belongs to the Skeleton Faction.

  • In the Task "Hunt Gemeaters," the Skeleton Gemeater does not count towards this goal.

Weapons / Attacks[edit | edit source]

The Skeleton Gemeater does not wield any weapons, but attacks with its own natural weapons. These creatures, although relatively slow, will relentlessly close into melee distance with their target. They possess the following attacks:

  • Quick, near un-dodgable strike with its left hand
  • Medium distance leap, which upon landing hits for massive damage as well as emitting a shockwave capable of knocking less-sturdy Adventurers off their feet
  • Long flurry of combined strikes, dangerous to interrupt
  • Double-fisted forward thrust that deals large damage

Component Drops[edit | edit source]

Bone Matter, Ancient Bones, Fungus

Consumable Drops[edit | edit source]


Gem Drops[edit | edit source]

Small amount, calling the "GemsList" 1 time upon death, as well as a chance to drop the meager "CraftingConsolation" Gems.

Skeleton Gemeater Gallery[edit | edit source]

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